Looking for Contractor Web Design? Avoid This Trap

Web design trap

Without a website, your customers cannot find you online. In fact, it’s become vital for any business to have a website, and you need more than a generic “business card” style site that just provides basic contact information. Most of us today use Google the way we once did phone books – we go there first to find the businesses we need to serve us.

Chances are good that you’re onboard with that concept. You might already have a domain name, a website built, and are paying for hosting. And, chances are that you are paying monthly for an “all in one” package. Unfortunately, it’s not really all that beneficial to your business. In fact, you’ve stumbled into a trap that ensnares too many business owners – the trap of paying for your website on a monthly basis. Why is it such a bad thing?

Understanding the “Small Monthly Fee” Trap

In order for you to realize just how difficult the situation you’re in actually is, we’ll need to explore three key parts of the trap that is a monthly website plan. Here are some questions to ask yourself:

How much are you really paying? First, understand that those low fees you’re paying are just a small piece of the picture. Sure, they’re affordable now, but you’re actually paying far more over time than you would if you simply paid a talented web design company to create a website for you in the first place. You could be paying anywhere from $99 per month to $299 per month in fees. However, the average cost of building a website for a small business from scratch can cost as little as $2,000 upfront. How much have you paid over time for your website at this point? Chances are good that it’s a great deal more than that. But what about the additional benefits of those monthly fees?

Are you getting monthly updates? Companies that charge a monthly website fee do so in return for a promise that they’ll “keep you updated monthly”. In theory, that’s great. The website design company should be handling updates to WordPress (or other another platform), as well as content updates and refreshes, backups, and a lot more. However, chances are good that you’re not actually getting those monthly site updates. There’s also the fact that you or your staff can handle many of those monthly updates for less.

Do you retain ownership after you cancel? When you think of your website, you tend to think that it belongs to your company. If only that were true. Perhaps the single most dangerous aspect of the trap that many business owners find themselves in is that they actually own no aspect of their website – not even their domain name! Sure, you’re paying for it, but that doesn’t really mean anything. With the vast majority of companies that charge a monthly, all-inclusive fee, they retain control of everything if you decide to go elsewhere, or if you cannot make your payments. This is particularly true if you went through the company to purchase your domain name, as well as the website design.

What’s the Solution? Build a Long-Term Asset.

The solution to avoiding the trap we’ve outlined above is simple – you need to hire a web design company that builds your business an asset, one you can add to over the years. You want a long-term asset, not a financial liability. With a trusted web design company, you maintain ownership over all aspects of your website, your domain name, your hosting, and everything else.

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