Contractor SEO: The Basics

Contractor local seo

Running a business doesn’t always leave a lot of time open for building a website and optimizing it for your target audience. Because of this, it can be difficult to know what to focus on in order to increase your web presence. Trying to create a professionally optimized webpage on a do-it-yourself budget means educating yourself on SEO basics and being prepared to dedicate some time to doing it right.

Build a Web Presence

First and foremost, we live in the 21st century and even a small business can see huge benefits from building a web presence. This is done by creating a website that’s catalogued with search engines and visible in the results. Every website needs to be “crawled,” or indexed, by Google bots that will take an inventory of the content and keywords on your website and ad it to the list of searchable pages on the internet. A webpage that’s too new may not show up on any searches, no matter how site specific they are.

Take Advantage of SEO Tools

First time web designers can end up overwhelmed by all of the platforms available. Finding a webpage service that’s both easy to use and that provides SEO tools is a huge plus. Some will suggest keywords, meta data, and even give you a mock ranking. It’s also a good idea to sign up for Google analytics. These are the SEO standards that web pages are generally measured against, and the data can give you an accurate idea of where you stand. Continue to check on your analytics to measure the effectiveness of new content and sales tactics.

Focus on Meta Data

This is where the creation of local SEO can really shine. You meta data are the information that comes up about your site on the initial search page, the actual URL, and the related identifying data. That little blurb that summarizes your services should include location specific facts in the form of phone numbers, the city where you’re based, and even business hours. All of this will tie your services into a neat local SEO bundle that drives your target audience straight to your site.

Create Valuable Keyword Dense Content

When you hear the term “bounce rate,” it’s referring to how quickly visitors leave your site once they find it. The lower your bounce rate, the more time they’re spending reading your content and being exposed to your brand. Valuable content gives the reader some sort of information that’s loosely related to your product, but informative on another level. A weekly blog or newsletter can keep people coming back for tips, tricks, or narratives related to your product or service. It can also draw new engagement from those doing web searches that may be unrelated to what you sell.

The more people that visit and find value on your website, the better your business will be.  Keywords are words that may be used to search for yours or related content. Having a good balance of these searchable words or terms increases your search engine visibility. The higher you are on that search page, the more online engagement you can expect. The key is to incorporate your keywords as organically as possible. Forced or excessive keywords or phrases can actually damage your SEO effectiveness.

Use Location Specific Search Citations

This is the information displayed on your webpage that links you to a specific location. Again, these local citations include things like:

  • Your company’s name
  • Your physical address
  • The phone number with area code
  • The hours of operation
  • Nearby landmarks
  • Maps
  • Other businesses that you partner with

This list can go on to include anything that blends your general SEO with your local details—helping you to reach more people who can take advantage of your services. Make sure to be consistent with your local lingo. Keep every address and local description identical from page to page.

Hyperlinks Matter!

Last but not least, the webpage should link to other credible webpages that increase your web presence and value. Backlinks are also integral. These occur when you and another local website agree to feature links to one another’s websites in your content. This is just one more detail that increases searchability and traffic overall.

A professional webpage is only as good as its online visibility, and local SEO matters. If you find yourself still struggling with SEO basics, it can help to consult with a professional. The value of good local SEO content is worth the expense.