Contractors: How to Get Business From Multiple Locations

Contractor multi location

As a contractor or home builder, seeing examples of your work far and wide equals success and continued business growth. It turns out that there’s a secret to drawing in business from throughout your service area, and expanding that area as much as you want. You can do more than wait and hope that your word-of-mouth spreads. Here we’ll explain exactly what to do for new business from every local community.

With a little insight into how the web works, you can have new leads knocking on your door from all the surrounding areas. With this knowledge, you can target specific towns or neighborhoods where you want more work. You can get strong, new leads from areas where big new building projects are planned. You can become a known expert and talented contractor wherever you work.

Online Secrets for Contractors: Geo-Targeting for Lead Generation

With our web strategies for contractor business growth, your contracting business can become as big as your dreams. Here’s how to make it happen:

  • Add city-specific content to your website. Your site should have pages for each city you offer your services in.
  • Create “service in city” content. Detail your services and how they work for each unique city in your area. Include key words that clearly express your main project skills, in combination with local region, county, city, town and neighborhood names. Your territory can be as large as you want it to be. There’s really no limit to the new leads you can bring in.
  • Embed a Google map of the area. This provides customer convenience, which is what “online shopping” (even for building services) is all about. This way, you’ll also make a firm search engine connection between your company and the areas where you want to build, remodel or renovate.
  • Use and label location-specific images. Photos attract attention and leap off the page for your website visitors. Vivid images make your website more exciting and motivate visitors to become customers. Properly labeled images, with the type of service performed and location name, get Google’s attention too, along with other top search engines.
  • Include SEO optimization for each targeted city. Your website needs to be filled with place names to pull in new customers from those areas.
  • Use your project portfolio wisely. Add images that show your most impressive and most recent projects in each part of your service location.
  • Name your projects clearly. Title the page and/or website section “Home Remodel in (city)” etc. and explain the work you did there. Describe the work with popular key words that emphasize your specialties. Remember, you’re aiming to make a crystal clear connection between your skills and the locations you work in (and want new leads from).
  • Place Google AdWords and Facebook ads targeting specific cities. This provides another eye-catching, trackable layer of association between your expertise and the various parts of your service radius.

Get the Contractor Website Experts on Your Side

With these powerful strategies for online geographic targeting, your business will attract new leads from all the surrounding communities where you’d like more work, and set you up for continual business growth. Let Local Sight build out your online real estate, because it’s always about location, location, location.

At Local Sight, we make sure your website, and all your online real estate, is designed to consistently draw in new leads. We use our deep understanding of the web, combined the latest search engine secrets, to get new business for your company. Our on-target website strategies make your phone ring. Contact Local Sight and get started today.