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For home builders and contractors who want a consistent source of fresh leads. Our websites often produce results in the first 7 days.

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Online real estate

Online Real Estate

Going beyond websites

Wherever your potential customers are searching, you need to be there. We don't build websites. We flood the market with real estate.

Local lead generation

Lead Generation

New leads in as few as 7 days

No one wants to wait for results. Our lead-generation campaigns often start generating new leads in as few as seven days.

Google Maps and Local SEO

Maps & Local SEO

The keys to long-term leads

While ``traditional SEO`` can take months (or years) to have a positive effect, our Maps strategy can affect your bottom line in weeks.

Social media marketing

Social Media Marketing

Automation and more

Our unique approach to social media marketing is simple and effective: build dozens of profiles, automate posting, and pass the savings to you.

Call tracking and analytics

Call Tracking & Analytics

Easily calculate your ROI

We use phone call tracking and Google analytics to measure the effectiveness of our campaigns. The numbers never lie. You'll see.

Holistic local marketing

A Full Marketing Machine

Holistic marketing at its best

Everything we do centers around one thing: generating leads. We combine the best online marketing practices to get results fast.

Home Builder Website Design

A website for your business has one goal: to make the phone ring.

The internet and home builder trade publications are full of advice about how to create your website. Sifting through options takes time and it can be tough to know which one is best for your company. At LocalSight.net, we specialize in web design for home builders and contractors. We know what works and have developed several easy-to-follow packages for creating high-quality, lead-generating websites. Any LocalSight.net package you choose will produce results.

As you surf competitor’s websites, you’ll see a range of possibilities. Some websites have multiple menus and page after page of information. Others have a few words and showcase photos of finished homes or multiple floor plans. A few may have little more than a company name and a contact page. Which direction should you take for your home builder website? Well, we’re here to help.

Custom home builder website designs

Questions to Ask Your Potential Website Designer

When you’re evaluating different web designers for your home builder website, gather information about a few key metrics by asking these questions:

  • How does the designer propose to get targeted traffic? Targeted traffic means consumers visiting your site are likely to be interested in your home building services.
  • How will traffic be converted to leads? Converting visitors into potential customers means they’ll call you or fill out a free quote request form.
  • What type of Maps & Local SEO will be done? Though these are mostly ongoing services, your site should be built with strong SEO fundamentals in mind.
  • What different types of content should you expect? Since consumers learn in different ways, your content should vary too. Blog posts, testimonials, videos and images help potential customers see, hear, and read about your services.
  • How large will your digital footprint be? A digital footprint is primarily the content written about your home building business. But it also includes establishing a digital presence through home services sites (e.g., Angie’s List), a blog, and social media channels such as LinkedIn, Facebook, or YouTube. Each of these elements should demonstrate you understand customer needs and problems and should direct users to your website.
  • What about Calls to Action (CTAs)? When potential customers land on your web page, CTAs such as ‘call today for a free quote’ or ‘contact us for a free consultation’ encourage them to work with you. You’ll receive an on-going stream of leads to build your business.
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We treat websites like the assets they should be.

We build websites that make the phone ring.

Elements of a Good Home Builder Website

Every local business website should have more than five pages and a photo gallery. Namely, it should have dozens (if not hundreds) of pages of content, detailed project portfolios, location-specific content, lead tracking, and more.

Hard-working Content

Meaningful content will bring more traffic to your site. Some vendors may talk about search engine optimization (SEO), but including a lot of search terms in content is like writing for a machine. You may pop up during a search, but without useful photos, blogs and videos, visitors won’t have enough useful information to move forward with you.

What does Local Sight offer to deliver relevant information?

  • Service pages. Listing all the services you provide is a ‘quick read’. Providing individual pages for remodeling, custom homes, production homes, and modular homes – any type of service you offer – demonstrates your capabilities more completely and improves search engine visibility.
  • Location pages. If you serve multiple cities, we provide dedicated location pages so potential customers searching by city will find you.
  • Updated blog. We like to write, but not everyone does. Active blogs around key home building questions will generate traffic as consumers search for long topics such as ‘how much is it to build a custom home.’ Local Sight also uses an IFTTT network (if this, then that) which pushes news about your updates onto other social media sites.
  • Photos and video slideshows. A picture can be worth a thousand words. Your expertise becomes visible and when a project photobook is converted into a slideshow, you have more content for the web.

Detailed Project Portfolios

While we include photos and video slideshows in our content, we also encourage our home builder customers to include project portfolios on their site. The portfolio becomes a presentation your potential customers can view as needed and on demand.

As an example, here’s what we recommend for a project portfolio about a remodel:

  • Before and after visuals. Share one or two photos of where you started, and up to 10 images of the net results.
  • Project description. Outline the customer’s needs and how you tackled the project. Include specifics that anticipate customer questions like: was square footage increased? what type of cabinets were installed? was the lighting custom?
  • Customer testimonial. Including actual feedback reassures customers about working with you.
  • Location (city) targeting. Show only the city where you did the work. We protect customer privacy while gaining traction with search engines.
  • Use video. If a picture says a thousand words, how many does a video say?

Location-Specific Content

In addition to incorporating location pages for the cities surrounding your primary location, we build location-specific content, such as:

  • Location-specific service pages. If you’re building custom homes in five cities, Local Sight creates pages targeting ‘custom homes + city’ for all locations.
  • Location-specific project portfolios and videos. Your visitors see your efforts in their neighborhood, increasing your credibility as a local supplier. Search engine performance also improves when locations are detailed.

Lead Tracking

You’ve been getting more calls and requests for quote, and think you’re getting more visitors to your website, but you’re not sure how many more projects you’ve booked. Determining the ROI on your investment in your website becomes easy when you work with Local Sight.

Google Analytics is installed with every new home builder website we design to get key benefits:

  • Visitors are tracked. You’ll be able to see how many visitors you have, the pages they viewed, and how they found you.
  • Website is refined. The data we gather helps us identify the content and structure elements that drive conversion. We use that learning to increase conversion rates and leads.
  • Call tracking, implemented by using a local number redirected to your business line, counts the phone calls generated by the website. Remember, your website should make the phone ring. Local Sight can prove it with call tracking.

Online Real Estate: Building Your Digital Footprint

Expanding your digital footprint is also one of our goals. After creating your home builder website, we help you establish your presence widely through several areas:

  • Small business directories. We list you on a dozens of platforms including Yellow Pages, Yelp, Foursquare & more.
  • Social media accounts. Get social on optimized platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and more.
  • IFTTT network. This automates you’re social media posting across a dozen platforms.
  • Data aggregators. These sources push your business details to thousands of outlets.

The only “cost effective” is profitable – contact us today.

Local Sight provides website design for home builders, contractors and other trade professionals. If you’re ready to have your phone ringing with fresh leads, contact Local Sight today. We’ll create a home builder website that helps you stand out from the crowd and increase your customer base. Or if you have an existing website, we’ll provide a free consultation to identify options for getting more consistent (or a higher volume of) leads.

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