Not Getting Leads from Your Website? Here’s Why

Why your website doesn't generate leads

Simply having a website, unfortunately, is not a magic bullet to bring in new customers. To generate leads online in today’s crowded, distracted market, you need a quality website, with current, timely updates, plus magnetic content and more. Your website is the foundation of your business today, and you know what happens with a weak foundation. Nothing else matters if you don’t build right, from the ground up.

It’s No Mystery: Top 12 Reasons Your Website Fails to Perform

There are a dozen reasons why your website may be missing out on new leads. Common causes for website failure include: 

  • No recent posts or updates: If you walk into a retail store, where all the displays are dusty, and all the merchandise is past its freshness date, you’ll walk right back out, right? If the merchandise is fine, but the lonely person behind the counter (if there is someone) doesn’t greet you and won’t answer any questions—would you ever go back? That’s how a neglected or ill-conceived website looks. It feels uncomfortable and uninteresting, and visitors click away.
  • Not much content on your website: To attract visitors, your website needs a veritable library of useful content and expert advice. This helps you gain trust and makes your website a great place to go for problem solving and expert advice. If there’s only a page or two with vague info, your website will be ignored by search engines–and by any visitors who might somehow find your website. (Not many will find you without search engine indexing, which requires new, up-to-date, interesting content.)
  • Missing the right content: The proof is in your portfolio. You need to have a page or section of your website to showcase your work. This portfolio can be a photo gallery of finished projects, with an accurate, SEO-minded description of what you did, or even complete case studies. Photos attract attention in general, and your website won’t be compelling without them. They’re especially important in your online portfolio.
  • No (or sparse) directory listings: Keeping your website listed with relevant online directories is like being in all the local phone books was, back in the day. It increases your online reach and credibility, and helps build out your impressive online real estate portfolio. You’ll get more notice from search engines and customers seeking your type of service.
  • No social media accounts: You don’t need them all, necessarily, because different social media outlets (or channels) work best for different businesses. You may need Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and more. You must have the most impactful social media as part of your online footprint. This extra “web real estate” extends the reach of your website and further establishes you as a reliable, knowledgeable (approachable, friendly) expert. The same logic applies that fits your website: if you have social media pages, but they are outdated and look abandoned, or have no useful content–you might as well not have them. They don’t count and could even damage your reputation.
  • No social media buttons (links) on your web pages: You need these to connect all the pieces of your online presence, to create a path between all your online real estate on various sites. This helps you build a multi-faceted relationship with your website visitors. If they don’t catch your message in one spot, they may on another. The more active all your pages are, with visits, shares, comments, etc., the more “important” and authoritative you’ll appear to Google. They will move you higher in search results, so that more web searchers will find you.
  • No forms or popups to collect email addresses: No use attracting website visitors, without trying to further your relationship to the next level. Gathering contact info lets you keep former customers and potential new customers updated on your services. It helps you become part of their lives. Many of those will be hot leads, ready to buy today.
  • No persuasive calls to action: You have to tell visitors what they must do next, otherwise you can lose their attention and they’ll forget about you the second they click away. Good CTAs (links or buttons) express the benefit and urgency of taking the desired action, for example, “get a free quote here,” or “discount available today only.”
  • No requests for reviews: To get good reviews, you have to ask your best customers for them, and link them to the place you want the reviews, Yelp, for instance. In practice, you have to ask all customers for reviews in person, in after-purchase emails, etc. This way you’ll get enough to be noticed, and most will likely be good. You can make a special, more personal request for reviews, or even get testimonials, from your best customers. (You can never ask only for good reviews of course, but you can arrange to get them, with the tips above.)
  • No idea what customers are saying or what they prefer: Paying attention to website and social media comments, online reviews, and more, can help you refine your service offering. You can add things customers are calling for, or smooth out things they may not like. You can nip bad comments in the bud and maintain your good online reputation. You can also learn what customers like, and what they respond best to, by studying your analytics. If a Facebook ad or campaign is successful, you know doing it again will likely be money well spent. But you’ll never know if you pay no attention to your analytics on your website, PPC ads, social media and more.
  • No expert managing all this for you: An experienced website builder and marketer frees you up to concentrate on what you do best–running your business.

How to Get It All: The Total Package for a Killer Website

If you’d like your website to be the lead magnet that it should be, you need expert web design and online marketing. The dedicated team here at Local Sight specializes in building an exceptional online presence for your business. Get the quality online real estate you need to compete and win–with automatic online lead generation. Contact Local Sight today.