The Importance of Accurate Local Listings

Online real estate

Sometimes getting tiny details wrong online can leave your contracting business stuck in the mud, just spinning your wheels. One thing that separates the good from the great online is having correct and consistent NAP across all your web properties. NAP stands for Name, Address and Phone number, and it’s like having great traction when you’re trying to get up a giant hill. If you’re not a detail person, make sure you have an expert audit your online properties to ensure complete consistency of your vital NAP information. You’ll never reach the top online without great traction.

How Tiny Internet Errors can Sink Your Business 

When you have lots of well-maintained, relevant, current and distinguished web real estate, it helps you get noticed by search engines (and therefore noticed by people surfing the web). Any inconsistent detail, as small as using the word “and” in some places and the “&” symbol in others, can make your business less recognized online. If your business name includes “and”, you need to make a choice & stick with it. More importantly, you need to make sure your business name is listed the same way on all your website pages, social media accounts and online local directory listings.

There’s no sense building up a powerful web presence, including a website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram–along with crucial local directory listings and more—if you short-circuit that power by masking (or confusing) your identity online. If any of your details is different, across all your web properties, search engines can (and will) think that these are different businesses. This makes your online presence much weaker, and your business can be ignored.

Small differences are a big deal online. Tiny inconsistencies lower your credibility and diminish your power with search engines. Any inconsistency makes your company show up lower on search results, because you won’t get “credit” for all your online branding. And you sink under the radar. (A real-world example: there’s a reason all McDonald’s look alike on the roadside, with their logo always the same, using the same colors. There’s also a reason they’re located next to freeway off-ramps and other major visibility locations like malls and major intersections. The consistent look and location, that’s how you recognize the brand, and if you’re their target customer, it’s the key to the brand’s power.)

Online, You Must Sweat the Details

Computers are very picky machines. That means that computer data, including your NAP, must be very exact for proper interpretation. You don’t want any misunderstandings online—and you want to make use of all your power to get noticed by the right customers on the Internet. So everything must match perfectly. The major search engines may see the following information as unique and different, (while humans in the real world might not notice much difference):

  • Slightly different connecting words, like “And” vs. “+” vs. “&”
    “Scott’s Plumbing, Heating and Cooling Services” vs. “Scott’s Heating and Cooling” vs. “Scott’s Cooling & Heating Service” vs. “Scotts Heating and Cooling”
  • (555) 555-5555 vs. 555-555-5555
  • Extra spaces between words in your name or address (These are invisible typos to humans, but the search engines take everything very, very literally.)
  • Non-standard addresses or minor differences in abbreviation, like SW vs. Southwest or Bl. vs. Blvd.
  • And many more

How to Be Sure You Stand Out (and Get Leads) Online

You need a web construction expert to manage all the tiny details online for your business. We’ve just talked about one issue here, consistent NAP. There are a million more crucial details that, when handled properly, can make your business grow with constant new leads.

Let’s face it, the rules for staying relevant online change often. The web runs on the whims of search engines—and it can be difficult to keep up, especially if you’re running a home renovation business every day. That’s why it pays to hire a dedicated, web-savvy company to keep you current online.

At Local Sight, we sweat the details for your business. We help small and medium businesses become strong online brands. We’ll help your contracting company or construction business reach the top online. Contact us today.