The last website you'll ever buy.

We build websites differently.
It's all about leads, leads, leads.

Designed for smart business owners who want more than pretty graphics. Our websites often start generating leads in the first 7 days.

Home builder website examples
Online real estate

Online Real Estate

Going beyond websites

Wherever your potential customers are searching, you need to be there. We don't build websites. We flood the market with real estate.

Local lead generation

Lead Generation

New leads in as few as 7 days

No one wants to wait for results. Our lead-generation campaigns often start generating new leads in as few as seven days.

Google Maps and Local SEO

Maps & Local SEO

The keys to long-term leads

While ``traditional SEO`` can take months (or years) to have a positive effect, our Maps strategy can affect your bottom line in weeks.

Social media marketing

Social Media Marketing

Automation and more

Our unique approach to social media marketing is simple and effective: build dozens of profiles, automate posting, and pass the savings to you.

Call tracking and analytics

Call Tracking & Analytics

Easily calculate your ROI

We use phone call tracking and Google analytics to measure the effectiveness of our campaigns. The numbers never lie. You'll see.

Holistic local marketing

A Full Marketing Machine

Holistic marketing at its best

Everything we do centers around one thing: generating leads. We combine the best online marketing practices to get results fast.

A ten-page website doesn't cut it anymore.

Local Sight websites are bigger, cleaner, & better optimized for success.

Most “web designers” will sell you a home page, a services page, a photo gallery and a contact page. Not us. Most of the websites we build have hundreds of pages of content, including images and video. Why?

Because more content equals more traffic.

By building websites with more content, we can target more search terms, more locations, more potential buyers, and provide a better user experience to our clients’ visitors.

The types of pages we build out for our clients include in-depth project portfolios, location-specific landing pages, blog content, service description pages, and so much more. Learn more about our content-building process by clicking the button below.

Local Sight web designer
Online real estate

Location, location, location.

We build "online real estate" to grow your digital footprint and generate a steady flow of traffic.

We submit our clients to local business directories, review websites, social media accounts, web 2.0 properties, press releases… the list goes on and on.

Most websites fail because they don’t have a support system. It’s like opening up a shop in the middle of nowhere without bothering to put up any signs.

We solve that problem by creating literally hundreds¬†of supplementing properties that all promote your business… and point back to your website. This creates a large digital footprint, so no matter where your customers are – browsing Yelp, roaming around Facebook, searching through contractor reviews on Houzz or Porch – they can find you.

The best strategy for long-term growth.

We optimize every website for Maps & Local SEO success from the beginning.

“SEO” is a dirty word to most business owners, but it doesn’t have to be. When done correctly, it can be wildly profitable. We build each website with two aspects of SEO in mind – Maps & Local.

Let’s look at Maps first. These are the results you see immediately after the paid ads at the top. They’re often accompanied by a Map, as well as address, website, and phone number listings for each business. There are only three of these results for any local search query, so getting into this “map pack” is incredibly competitive – and incredibly profitable. We utilize a combination of citations (online real estate), category and photo optimization, and other tricks of the trade to get you there.

Next is Local. These are the results directly beneath the Maps listings. While less profitable, these listings can still have a huge impact on traffic, which is why we focus our efforts on getting you listed for hundreds of search terms. Of course, these top spots take longer to achieve, but the pay-off is huge.


Real social media automation.

After building dozens of social media accounts, we automate them for you.

The problem with managing dozens of social media properties is that it’s time consuming – not to mention expensive. Not anymore. The power of IFTTT networks can automate your social media posting across dozens of platforms.

When a new blog post or project portfolio is added to your website, it automatically gets published on Facebook, then cross-promoted on Twitter, then placed on your company’s LinkedIn, then pinned to Pinterest, and so on.

An IFTTT network is a great, cost-effective way to promote your business across dozens of social media platforms. No more paying hundreds per month for someone to make a handful of Facebook posts – let automation kick in.

Phone call tracking and website analytics.

The data doesn't lie. We track everything to show you positive ROI.

Going into a marketing campaign without tracking in place is kind of like throwing darts in the dark. Sure, you might hit a bullseye once in a million times, but you don’t really deserve to.

Effective tracking does a couple things. First, it lets us know what is and isn’t working in our campaign; where we need to make adjustments and where we need to ramp things up. Secondly, it shows you, the business owner, just how effective our efforts are on your bottom line.

Phone call tracking shows how many phone calls (aka leads) are coming through in any given month. Website analytics show how many visitors you’re going, which pages they’re visiting the most, and more. We also track other metrics, such as search engine placement, map pack rankings, costs-per-lead, and more. Click below to read more.


We treat websites like the assets they should be.

Combined, these elements create a lead-generation machine.

Great, but how much does a website like this cost?

The websites we build are assets and need to be treated as such; they usually come built-in with a yearly marketing plan, although we sometimes sell them standalone for $2,000 – $5,000, on average.

Our yearly marketing plan is aggressive and effective. We understand not everyone is the right fit, and as a small company, we’re very selective with whom we work with. You should be comfortable spending $9,000 – $15,000 per year (which includes ad spend) on your marketing.